Feminine Staples


By the time you’re in your 20s you start to value functionality in your fashion purchase.  No longer are the high school days of running around all winter in a school uniform skirt, non waterproof boots, and a bomber jacket. Suddenly our purchases have more requirements than just making us look cool.  Quality, durability, price, and above all, functionality come to mind.

Here is where I tell what style staples to invest in:

A handbag that can fit your laptop:
Handbags contain our lives, however the essentials may vary – school books, laptops, agenda, makeup, tissues, a snack, hand lotion, lip balm, water; the list could very easily go on. Finding one that reflects your personal style and that holds all your personal essentials is important for anyone running to class, work, or both. I generally opt for leather handbags as I find them to be both the most durable, and to have the best aesthetic.
A curling wand:
This product is so easy too use, and heats up to temperatures far exceeding any flat or curling iron. Even with my soft, silky hair which generally can’t hold curls, when I use this wand, the curls or waves will hold for two days. Note: check out Winners, I got mine there for under $40.
Tip: There are plenty of youtube tutorials available, for FREE, to teach you how to optimally use your wand for a variety of different curls and waves.
A proper wallet:
Criteria: no velcro
My favourite style of wallet are the kind that come with removable straps, and that can fit my iPhone. A great wallet, or a clutch, perfect for running to the store, or storing in your huge handbag. Buy it here.
A watch:
If you are in your 20s you should not only know how to tell time, but also how to use it wisely; a lovely watch will help you do so. I love La Mer watches because they are all customizable ❤ Shop here.
Functional boots that make you feel like you can conquer the world:
Whatever style you prefer, bootie or knee high. These Wishbone boots are my personal fave, buy them here.
Sexy heels that make you feel like a million bucks – that you may or may not be able to walk in 😉
I’m size 5 incase anyone is wondering…
signature scent:
Having a signature scent helps us leave our mark on one of our primal human senses; smell. How do you want to be remembered? I choose Chance by Chanel.

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