Boutique Krem Launch

On August 18th, Montreal’s blooming population of modern day bohemians, bloggers, and entrepreneurs came together for the launch of boutique Krem, on 1883 du Centre Street in The Point.



The boutique exhibits a one-stop shop for the modern millennial who is inspired by travel, ambiance, and practicality.  You can expect a contemporary, clean style brought together by minimalist structures (such as lamps, shelves, wall fixtures, and bowls), dainty patterns (florals, girly objects, animals), and bold textures (vintage lace, rucksack, and matte finishings). Behind the boutique is Montreal native, and female entrepreneur, Cindy Lizotte.  Lizotte’s personal style and essence of the boutique portray a modern day woman (or gentleman) who is collected, chic, and ready to embark on their wildest dream.  Way to go entrepreneurial spirits!


The eclectic concept behind the boutique brings together home décor, bath, and style products with a focus on artisanal production, and local designers.  A major highlight for this focus is the collaboration with Tricia Lees, local founder and creator of T. Lees Soap Co.  The company, which produces small batch artisan beauty products and candles, prides itself on being locally made, and using natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients and materials as much as possible.  They are even constantly changing, and working to improve their packaging to be as ecological, and cost effective as possible; ensuring that all the consumer pays for is a product they love, that is good for them, and that they can feel proud purchasing.

Personal favourites: the Sandalwood Hand Cream: it left my hands in a state of well-covered moisture with a light fragrance. I also loved the soy candles, my favourite being the “Linen” scent, which made the room feel like Sunday morning in between fresh bed sheets.

Other local merchants to look out for in the boutique:


Salty Philosophy – Jewelry:



Bigarade – Quilts, Bed Linen:



Avenue Coloniale – Handcrafted Cutting Boards, Serving Plates:

If you are amongst those who have conformed to the concept that comfort is fashionable, and that craft is of the essence, then this boutique will definitely appeal to you.  This boutique hosts a local, homey ambience with a style that is contemporary yet classic.  For more information on the boutique visit


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