A Trendy, Eclectic Space for Parents & Children.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.24.15 PM


A new family-friendly, eclectic spot has opened in the heart of NDG, at 5712 Sherbrooke Street West.

The idea behind Biscuit & Confetti is catering to parents with young children. The space offers a unique atmosphere where Mom (or Dad) can enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack with friends, while their little ones get to run around, engage, and hang out in a variety of play areas. The owner, Jennifer Podmore spent the early part of her career as a doula, after being a part of so many Mother’s lives, she came to the realization that a spot like this was lacking in the city, especially amidst the young, creative families of N.D.G.


The kiddy zones include…

A quaint reading teepee, which is accented beautifully by a vibrant jungle-themed mural.


Photo by Sloane Montgomery

And a cozy, wood side cottage complete with lush green area rug, and a variety of stuffed animals that can be placed, and rearranged within the forest mural (thank you velcro!).



As well, the space offers a medium-sized venue room that can be rented for private events. Perfect for a variety of themed birthday parties, a work-out group, local business launches, or personal celebrations like baby or bridal showers.

Photo by Sloane Montgomery

The space will also offer carefully curated baby toys and apparel, all of which are at least one of the follow; local, ecological, and organic.


Photo by Sloane Montgomery

The menu will serve up a set selection of sweet treats and beverages, and a changing snack menu. Podmore explained that the menu would be mostly seasonally inspired comfort and snack food, and assured me that there would ALWAYS be kid friendly options, as often little ones can be fussy and have a simpler, more delicate palette.

Photo by Sloane Montgomery




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