Sloane is a freelance writer, photographer, and communications specialist from Montreal.  She is passionate about food, fashion, décor, and a healthy lifestyle (OH…and San Francisco). She is an avid pet lover, adventure seeker, and is constantly on a mission to pursue and maintain life balance.

She is trained and has experience  // Can offer her services in:



Copy Editing


Blogging & Content Creation

Social Media Captions, Teasers & Hashtags

Press Releases


B2B & B2C E-mail Outreach



Digital & Social Media Consulting:


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.25.50 PM

Style by Sloane is a lifestyle brand and website designed to influence and inspire fellow 20-something who enjoy food, décor, beauty, travel, fashion, and the companionship of their lovely pets; who’s overall focus is to maintain health, balance, inspiration, and happiness within their everyday lives. It is a life of style, and promotes a promise to myself to continue to grow; by sharing my ideas, hobbies, and things I love, with my readers. Inspired by the likes of Martha Stewart – the ultimate domestic goddess and unstoppable female entrepreneur; it will also be mindful to the time constraints and budget constraints of someone in their 20s- studying, interning, or just starting their new career. As a young entrepreneur, I am always looking to collaborate and get the word out on new businesses, brands, precious causes, and  exciting destinations.




Follow me:

Instagram: @StylebySloane

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stylebysloane

Tumblr: www.stylebysloane.tumblr.com

Twitter: @SloaneMonty

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